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Face Plastic Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedures at the Hospitals with which our consultants are contracted. Also known as a nose job; rhinoplasty is designed to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose, or to correct a breathing problem.
Nose reshaping may also be performed as a reconstructive procedure to repair a birth defect or a traumatic injury, such as a broken nose.
It can also be carried out for functional purposes rather than cosmetic. Combining nose with a septoplasty can effectively correct breathing issues caused by deviated septum.
Plastic surgeons at the Hospitals contracted with our consultants are well-trained in employing the most comprehensive techniques for nose surgery in Turkey. They cater to the functionality and cosmetic needs of each and every patient.
Possessing the necessary training and expertise in nose surgery, facial surgeons aim to provide you with a natural-looking appearance — while at the same time, keeping the function of breathing intact.



Over time the impact of sun exposure, the stresses of everyday life and gravity start to appear on our faces. These aging signs are manifested in deep creases, slackness of the jaw line and folds and fat deposits on the neck.
Facelift or Rhytidectomy is a viable option to counteract these problems by removing fat and tightening skin and muscles — leaving your face with a youthful and vibrant appearance.
Facelift surgery in Turkey is a popular choice among many male and female individuals looking to improve the appearance of the face and reduce signs of facial aging.

Total: Facelift + Brow Lift + Neck Lift
Half: Facelift + Neck Lift

Look and feel beautiful with the help of Turkey’s most skilled and successful facial surgeons at the Hospitals contracted with our consultants.
Plastic surgeons at Hospitals make it possible to correct several facial flaws and signs of premature aging, which can take a toll on a person’s self-confidence.
Consultants can help you decide which facelift surgery technique will give you the desired outcome and leave you looking and feeling confident and youthful…
Surgery is performed by board-certified head and neck plastic surgeons who pair a deep understanding of facial structures and function with an artistic eye for form, symmetry and natural refinement.

As many people age their skin loses its elasticity, muscles begin to slack and fat and tissue begin to appear. The neck is one of the first areas to show signs of aging.
Neck lift surgery is a revolutionary face and neck surgery that aims at removing rolls of fat, loose skin and deep creases.
What makes us the best choice for Neck Lift
As a leading plastic surgery clinic in Turkey, cosmetic surgeons have extensive years of experience in neck and jaw line treatments to tighten both women’s neck and men’s jaw line.
Neck lift surgeons operating at Turkey are equipped with the skills and pioneering technology to produce a sculpted neck and well-defined jaw line via a variety of methods suitable for all patients’ needs and appearance goals.

Good Candidates for Neck Lift
Individuals in generally good health who are bothered by the appearance of the neckline and have the following concerns:

Sagging neck
Loose skin
Lax muscles in the neck
Fatty deposits under the chin

Blepharoplasty | Upper & Lower Eyelid
Eyelid Lift is a cosmetic facial treatment designed to reverse the signs of aging in the upper and/or lower lids.
Medically referred to as Blepharoplasty; the treatment can help correct signs of bags, droopy eyelids and dark shadows of the lower and upper eyelids.

Eyelid lift is a simple and straightforward procedure; with lower eyelid surgery being a technically demanding treatment. Therefore, choosing an experienced eyelid surgeon who is well-versed in all aspects of eyelid surgery is crucial to receive successful and satisfying results.
Who best qualifies for Eyelid Lift
Good candidates for Eyelid Lift in Turkey:
• Lower eyelid droopiness
• Puffy appearance to the upper eyelids
• Excess skin of the lower eyelids
• Bags and dark circles under eyes

The effects of facial aging are inescapable — with strong signs being evident in the brow and forehead areas.
A brow lift can correct facial flaws and signs of premature aging that exist in these areas.
Good Candidates for Brow Lift Surgery
Drooping brows
Angry, or tired appearance
Horizontal lines across the forehead
Deep furrows between the brows
Heavy upper eyelids

A forehead lift is a facial surgery used to achieve a more youthful and refreshed look to the area around the eyes.
The procedure is designed to correct drooping brows and to enhance the horizontal lines and furrows that give a person an “angry” appearance.
Forehead lift treatment is performed at our state-of-the-art facility by a team of renowned plastic surgeons who combine patient centered philosophy with artistic skills to help you achieve the youthful look you desire.
Good Candidates for Forehead Lift
Good candidates for forehead lift are individuals who have one of the following:
Deep furrows between the eyes
Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
Sagging brows
Tissue that sags at the outer part of the eyelids

As age progresses, excessive fat and sagging skin in the neck and chin areas can be found in both men and women. While some fat normally exists under our skin, larger than normal amounts can appear unflattering to many individuals.
Jowl liposuction is a facial surgery treatment that involves the removal of localized fat deposits around the jaw area.
Choosing a board-certified, qualified facial surgeon with profound experience in jowl liposuction is an ideal way to maximize the aesthetic results of the procedure.

Good Candidates for Jowl Liposuction
Men and women who have excess fat around the chin, and neck areas:
Who are in good health
Have good skin elasticity
Have realistic expectations

Lip Augmentation with fat injection or silicon…
Lip implants are designed to plump up lips and to bring a permanent enhancement of the lip the minimal risk of allergic reactions or possible issues.
Lip augmentation in Turkey can also be performed via a technique called fat injection. With fat injections, the plastic surgeon takes excess body fat from an area of the body using a fine liposuction instrument.
Who best qualifies for Lip Implants in Turkey
Good candidates for lip enhancement surgery in Turkey are individuals who are in good health and have realistic expectations for improving the appearance of the lips.
Lip stick bleed lines or wrinkles
Thin lips from genetics or aging
Patients who desire pronounced lip definition

Body Plastic Surgery

When diet and exercise fail to achieve your dream of a slim waistline, tummy tuck in Turkey is a viable choice to help attain a flat, well-toned abdomen.
Because of the optimum and excellent surgery results of abdomen reshaping, Turkey is known among the best tummy tuck providers in Europe and the Middle East.
Who best qualifies for Tummy Tuck
Individuals with sagging or projecting lower abdominal wall tissues who are:
Physically healthy
Leading an active lifestyle
Within their ideal weight
Non smokers
Emotionally healthy
Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations.

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Turkey. Liposuction aims to reshape specific regions of the body — improving body contours and proportions by removing stubborn, unwanted body fat.
Treatable areas of the body can include the thighs, arms, hips, waist, back, chest and chin.
tightening effect. In a few weeks following liposuction in Turkey, your skin will contract in the treated areas, leaving you with smooth, firm and natural looking results.

Who best qualifies for Liposuction
The best candidate for liposuction is an individual of average or slightly above-average weight.
In good health
People with localized area of fat
Realistic expectations
People with good skin elasticity

Many women desire an appearance of a larger, shapelier and more attractive behind.
Recently, trends have shifted towards more a curvaceous body contour, as a symbol of sensuality and sexual appeal.

Buttock implants entails a surgical procedure in which hard silicone implants are inserted into the buttocks to give a more appealing appearance and to enhance your posterior contours.

Good Candidates for Buttock Implants
Good candidates for buttock implants in Turkey are women who wish to improve the shape and size of their buttocks.
Buttock augmentation candidates should be 18 years of age and in good physical health.

For men and women seeking buttock reduction or contouring, specific areas can be reduced byliposuction while other areas can be enhanced by micro fat grafting.
Buttock reduction surgery in Istanbul enhances the profile and balance between the upper and lower body giving your backside a sexy and youthful appearance. Many patients combine this type of surgery with a thigh lift and a tummy tuck in Turkey.
Buttock Reduction Procedure
Buttock reduction surgery takes two to three hours and is typically achieved through liposuction — small and/or multiple small incisions are created in the crease of the buttocks.

Abdominal etching is a body contouring plastic surgery procedure that works to remove excess fat from between the abdominal muscles.
The surgery is designed to achieve a series of indentations that look similar to six-pack abs — leaving you with a tighter, firmer and better sculpted appearance.
Undergoing abdominal etching procedure at plastic surgery clinic in Turkey, you will enjoy a number of substantial benefits beyond fat reduction. Not only does abdominal etching offer better muscle definition; it is also a less intensive form of body surgery than other treatment options.
Good Candidates for Abdominal Etching
Individuals who wish to remove lines of fat to reveal natural muscle tone are ideal candidates for abdominal etching n Turkey.
Patients undergone tummy tuck
Patients with less than two centimeters of fat
In good health

Arm lift is one of the effective body surgery procedures used to tighten the skin of the upper arms and to treat a medical condition known as batwing deformity.

The procedure is designed to reshape arms to result in smoother skin and contours, resulting in a more toned and proportionate appearance.

Good Candidates for Arm Lift Surgery
The best candidates to undergo arm lift are healthy individuals, possess realistic expectations and at or near their ideal weight.
Excess skin in upper arms
Fat in upper arms

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