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Face Mesolifting
Face Mesolifting is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment which involves injecting a formula of homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into your facial skin.
Face Mesolifting treats areas of the skin including around the jowls, neck and face.

The results — skin tightening, elimination of wrinkles on the face and neck and elimination of bags around the eyes.
With just a few treatments, your skin will regain a more youthful and rested appearance with no recovery time required.

This treatment is not for everyone and requires many visits to our clinic. It is not for individuals who have skin that is detached from the muscle. Individuals above the age of 55 are also not considered good candidates for Meso-Facelift in Turkey.
What to expect during Face Mesolifting in Turkey
Face Meso-Facelift treatment takes two to three sessions and involves pain-free microinjections of the most ground-breaking formulas todate. It works by reversing the aging process and eliminating wrinkles and neck sagging. Using stimulation on the facial muscles, it begins to firm, tone and lift the face. Meso-Lifting also stimulates your skin to form its own collagen and elastin, eliminating the need for using fillers and delays the need for facelift for several years.

Fractional Laser & Rejuvenation
Anti Aging and Skin Pigmentation Treatment
Gradually we see the affects of aging — the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots — and visible scarring and photo aging.
Fractional Laser Treatment is a popular procedure in Turkey which can reverse signs of aging, giving the skin a renewed appearance. The treatment can ultimately help you to achieve a youthful glow and more self-confidence.
The procedure is neither drastic nor scary and fits into any lifestyle. It is used to treat men and women of all ethnicities that want to look and feel better about themselves without having to undergo surgery.
The best choice for Fractional Laser and Rejuventation
We want you to look and feel youthful with the aid of some of Turkey's most trained and qualified doctors.
By having this non surgical procedure , our doctors can reduce many facial lines, wrinkles, surface scarring, pigmentation, sun damage and Actinic Keratosis. This will give you more confidence about your overall appearance.
Fractional Laser & Rejuventation can also be used on other parts of the body, such as, the neck, chest, hands and stretch marks.
Who best qualifies for Fractional Laser & Rejuventation
Fractional laser treatment is ideal for someone who doesn't want to undergo surgery, but would like to improve their appearance by eliminating problem areas. It is ideal for:
• Non-smokers
• Individuals in Good health
• Individuals with wrinkles, age spots and scarring

The stress of daily life, aging and the sun can have a considerable impact on our faces — which is shown by the deep creases in the forehead and lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth areas.
Botox is an extremely popular procedure to counteract these problems without having surgery. Botox causes nerve impulses to be slowed and muscle to become less active which temporarily erases fine lines, helping you to feel better and look more youthful.
Botox is a popular choice in Turkey with many males and females who don’t want to undergo surgery, but are looking to improve their face by reducing the signs of facial aging.
Cosmetic surgeons are board-certified doctors who offer a comprehensive range of non-invasive skin care and laser treatments. The team strives to help patients in state-of-the-art facilities that provide a comfortable, professional environment.
Plastic surgeons in Turkey can reduce facial lines and signs of premature aging with this non-surgical procedure, giving you more confidence about your overall appearance.
Who best qualifies you for Botox in Turkey
Not only is Botox an effective cosmetic treatment; it is also used to treat a range of conditions such as cervical dystonia, writer's cramp, excessive sweating, achalasia, chronic pain, neuropathy and migraines.
It is an ideal treatment for:
• Non-smokers
• Individuals in Good health
• Individuals with fine lines and wrinkles

Laser Varicose Veins Treatment
There are 5 major effects of the hair transplantation with vaccination:
• Preparation of the patients with very thin hair strands on donor site for operation
• If hair disease is available, rendering the hair in to transplantable form after the recovery by vaccination
• To recover the operational scar or injury on the donor site without trace and within the shortest time.
• To enable the re-formation of hair follicle thereby hair strands on donor site
• To improve the success and quality of the hair transplantation
Very thing hair strands or sometimes pinnate hair may be observed on the donor site during the examination of patients without alopecia. This pre-operatively vaccination may render the hair in to transplantable form by thickening these thin strands.
Hair transplantation with vaccination may also enable the success of the cases where there is no sufficient amount of graft to cover the balding areas.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is a skin care solution designed to help you remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. It is a guaranteed way to inhibit hair re-growth and offers permanent stubble-free skin for men and a hair-free skin solution for women.
The best choice for Laser Hair Removal
Cosmetic surgery specialists are well trained in various aesthetic laser techniques and experienced in the development of several laser systems.
We offer a unique variety of hair removal lasers to enable us to provide individualized skin treatments.
Good Candidates for Laser Hair Removal
Although Laser hair removal is an entirely safe cosmetic procedure, pregnant women, or those attempting to get pregnant must wait until they have had their postpartum checkup to proceed with the treatment.
Ideal candidates are:
• Anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted hair in the fastest possible manner
• People who have realistic expectations for the procedure
• People who have light skin and dark hair

Chemical Peeling
A chemical peel is performed to reduce fine lines, remove facial blemishes, reverse uneven skin pigmentation of the face and improve skin texture from sun damage. There are several types of chemical peel solutions and formulas offered.

Patients looking to alleviate acne, smooth wrinkles, improve skin texture or to reduce effects of sun damage qualify for Chemical Peeling in Turkey.
Good candidates are individuals who have the following symptoms:
• Sun-damaged skin
• Uneven pigmentation
• Actinic keratosis

Fibrocell is a revolutionary skin treatment designed to smooth wrinkles and nose-to-mouth lines. The treatment uses your body's own cells to rejuvenate your skin — ultimately creating new collagen.
This avoids allergic reactions, eliminates the need for injections, and best of all requires fewer treatments that last significantly longer.
What to expect during your Fibrocell
Fibrocell treatment is simple treatment. Your initial consultation with one of aesthetic doctors will determine how you will best benefit from Fibrocell. The cosmetic specialist will be able to help you set realistic goals — whether you wish to get rid of facial lines, crows feet or simple pump up.
Your specialist begins by taking a small sample of cells from behind you ear and employing the Fibrocell process to create new, pure cells called fibrolasts. These are injected back into the skin of problem areas. The fibroblasts helps the skin rebuild its own collagen to maintain structure, strengthen elastin to reinforce tightness and hyaluronic acid for thickness.
After Fibrocell Treatment
Results of Fibrocell will not appear instantly. It may take from three to six months to see the final results. However, because these results are created by your own body they can last much longer than traditional fillers.
General risks of Fibrocell
Due to their proliferative nature, fibroblasts can cause uncontrolled cell growth and/or tumor formation.

Medical Skin Care
Cosmetic Dermatology
Medical Skin Care is a unique practice offering some of Turkey's highly trained dermatologists who are committed to providing you with outstanding skin care.
Choosing a skin care treatment is a personal and emotional decision. Our dermatologists will partner with you to create a personalized treatment plan that leaves you feeling youthful, confident and rejuvenated.
Preparing for Skin Care
Prior to your skin care treatment in Turkey, one of our dermatology specialists will provide you with a comprehensive consultation and the education you need to make informed decisions and choose the most appropriate skin care treatment that best suits your needs and appearance goals.
Our cosmetic dermatology team consists of board-certified skin care experts, trained laser technicians and a medical aesthetician. Every member of our skin care staff is fully knowledgeable in both medical and cosmetic aspects of dermatology.
From treatment of skin care conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis to removal of warts, and acne — our clinic encompasses an extensive range of medical and aesthetic services so you can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin.
Skin care doctors take pride in providing a full-scale cosmetic procedures including Botox, Fibrocell, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peeling and PRP for Skin.
We are dedicated to bringing you the latest advances of dermatology in Turkey, while creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Facelift with Spiderweb
There is no escaping facial aging. Eventually, your skin, especially around the face and the neck, gets loose and sags. Over the years, cells in basic skin elements can no longer renew themselves as rapidly and get damaged, causing the skin to lose its luster, healthy and glowing look.
Facelift with Spiderweb is a revolutionary nonsurgical facial aesthetic technique for skin renewal. Get a fresher, more youthful facial appearance for years to come—in 30 minutes.

Our expert facial plastic surgeons at Turkey perform Facelift with Spiderweb with an artistic eye and unwavering attention to the finest details so that patients will be left with beautiful and natural-looking results.
Our plastic surgery specialists use advanced, minimally invasive techniques to minimize discomfort and downtime.
Who qualifies for Facelift with Spiderweb
Ideal candidates for Facelift with Spiderweb are individuals with minimal signs of age who need just a minor lift. Most people who undergo Facelift with Spiderweb are women between 35 and 45.
Individuals who experience the following are good candidates for Facelift with Spiderweb in Turkey:
- Relaxed or minimally sagging mid-facial appearance
- Slight bags under the eyes
- Minimal signs of aging
What to expect from Facelift with Spiderweb
The entire treatment lasts about 30min-1 hour, where an anesthetic cream is applied on the treatment area prior to the procedure. Your assigned facial aesthetic expert will insert the threads under the skin.
There is hardly any pain, bleeding or swelling and you can go back to work after the procedure. As the treads are dissolvable, they are slowly absorbed in the body—safely.
General risks of Facelift with Spiderweb
You may experience some side effects such as minor pain, swelling, bruising, or bleeding. Facelift with Spiderweb Turkey, facelift with spiderweb Istanbul, Turkey facelift with Spiderweb

Mesotherapy is a new cosmetic surgery technique that aims to reduce the signs of aging, treat minor blemishes, rejuvenate skin and target cellulite.
It is one of the popular non-surgical means to eliminate visible signs of facial aging. The medications used in Mesotherapy are designed to melt the fat beneath the skin and shrink the fat cells. Mesotherapy is known to be the most effective and long lasting treatments for cellulite and weight loss.
Who best qualifies for Mesotherapy
Good candidates for Mesotherapy in Turkey are adults between the ages 16 to 75 who are in good health. Patients who exercise regularly and are within 25 pounds of their ideal body weight are also considered good candidates for Mesotherapy.
What to expect during Mesotherapy Treatment
During Mesotherapy treatment in Turkey, very small doses of medications are administered in specific areas, depending on the condition being treated. All medicines used in Mesotherapy are FDA-approved for their use.
After Mesotherapy Treatment
Results of Mesotherapy vary depending on the patient's body type and the overall condition of area being treated. On average, patients notice visible improvement in two to three sessions.
General risks of Mesotherapy
Risk and side effects of Mesotherapy include redness, bruising, temporary burning, pain or itching, and swelling at the injection sites — which can last from a few days to a week.

PRP for Skin
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a skin care treatment that uses an extract of your own blood — which contains three to five times more platelets, growth factors and active proteins for tissue and injury healing.
When PRP is placed back into the skin by injection or micro-needling, it prompts a localized stem cell response. The stem cell response recruits collagen-producing cells known as fibroblasts.
The fibroblasts replace tissue that has been damaged due to the aging process with healthy skin that appears refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated.
Who best qualifies for PRP in Turkey?
Patients who wish to use this procedure as a preventative option to improve skin texture, tone and overall quality of their skin are good candidates for Platelet rich plasma PRP in Turkey.
PRP gives patients of all ages a rejuvenating experience. Patients with chronic liver pathology, acute and chronic infections, platelet dysfunction syndrome are not good eligible for PRP in Turkey.
What to expect during PRP Treatment
One of our skin care doctors will assess the degree of skin aging and perform a simple skin analysis before performing PRP treatment.
Your skin is first cleansed and prepared with a local anesthetic cream. Blood is taken from your arm and put in a test tube to be filtered. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected into any obvious lines or wrinkles. The remainder of the plasma is then injected over other areas of the skin.
The full procedure lasts about 45 minutes and is completed in three-course treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. Touch-up treatments are recommended after 18 months to enhance and maintain the results.
General risks of PRP
There have been no known risks or side effects reported using PRP skin treatment. Because the treatment is derived from the patient's own blood; it minimizes any type of adverse risk. Although very rare, some mild bruising may occur. The corners of the mouth tend to bruise a little more.
Most of these side effects are temporary and will resolve on their own within 72 hours.

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