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Hair Vaccination
Hair Vaccination, is a special formula containing custom form of extracellular matrix that enables the intercellular connection, prp, vitamins and combinations of other materials.
Extracellular matrix, is a material triggering the tissue reproduction with stem cell modeling method. It is certified by FDA which is the most important approval institution in USA for uses in plastic and re-constructive surgery with a special certificate numbered 510k. This certification means that the product is safe and effective. This formula which is being used in USA since 1999 for the treatment of burns, scar and organ detachments, is used for hair treatments since 2008. 

Eyebrow Transplantation
Eyebrow restoration is a premier cosmetic procedure to replace eyebrows or touch up small areas of hair loss that results from over-plucking, scars, or genetic causes.
Eyebrow restoration is an artistic procedure in which brow treatment is individually designed based on your facial type, your features, and your overall goals.
Good Candidates for Eyebrow Transplant
Individuals with thinning eyebrows are considered to be good candidates for an eyebrow transplant procedure in Turkey.

Individuals with the following conditions also qualify for eyebrows transplantation:
• Burns
• Scars
• Diseases
• Congenital inability
• Self-inflicted (obsessive) plucking
• Individuals in generally healthy condition
• Individuals without bleeding or clotting problems

Hair Transplantation With Vaccination;
There are 5 major effects of the hair transplantation with vaccination:
• Preparation of the patients with very thin hair strands on donor site for operation
• If hair disease is available, rendering the hair in to transplantable form after the recovery by vaccination
• To recover the operational scar or injury on the donor site without trace and within the shortest time.
• To enable the re-formation of hair follicle thereby hair strands on donor site
• To improve the success and quality of the hair transplantation.
Very thing hair strands or sometimes pinnate hair may be observed on the donor site during the examination of patients without alopecia. This pre-operatively vaccination may render the hair in to transplantable form by thickening these thin strands.
Hair transplantation with vaccination may also enable the success of the cases where there is no sufficient amount of graft to cover the balding areas.

Robotic Hair Transplant
Deciding to have a hair transplant procedure is an important, life-changing decision. Understanding the details of the Robotic Procedure will help you determine if it is right for you. You will need to know what to expect before, during and after the procedure, as well as when you can expect to see results.

Robotic Hair Transplant was designed with you in mind. Developed with leading hair transplant physicians and researchers, this state-of-the-art technology was created to eliminate the guesswork and fatigue associated with manual handheld methods, along with the scarring, complications and downtime of existing invasive surgical techniques. Unlike older transplant methods, no stitches are required, rendering your procedure nearly undetectable. You can now expect natural-looking results without the side effects and recovery times resulting from older techniques.

Sideburn Transplantation
Whether interlinked by trauma, surgery or other medical causes — the inability to grow facial hair and sideburns is a problem for many men. Many of these men report that their lack of facial hair and sideburns weakens their self-esteem and their overall image.
Sideburn transplant in Turkey can help you regrow facial hair and regain your self-confidence.
Good Candidates for Sideburn Transplant
Facial hair transplants provide a solution for men without sideburns — which enables specific follicles to grow where desired. The best candidates are men whose beard grows irregularly.

Sideburn transplants require an artistic and surgical skillset to enhance a patient's appearance and reshape their face.
We take pride in offering the most advanced surgical techniques, combined with the latest technology on aesthetic density. Hair transplant surgeons at Turkey strive to perform exceptional, natural-looking sideburn transplants.

Moustache Transplantation
Thick, bold moustaches have proven to be an iconic and a powerful symbol of maturity, masculinity and wisdom among men. But some men are genetically predisposed to thinning or absent facial hair.
Men who have suffered from injury or trauma to the face, which resulted in scarring may also encounter less hair growth. Moustache transplant in Turkey is an incredibly popular procedure to stimulate hair growth in the moustache area.
Good Candidates for Moustache Transplant
Good candidates for Moustache Transplant are men who have absent facial hair or men who have suffered facial trauma that prevented facial hair growth. Whether your absence of facial hair is due to genetics, acne scarring, or injury, a facial hair transplant may be a viable solution.
Moustache Transplant Procedure
The objective of moustache transplantation in Turkey is to intensify hair growth using follicular unit transplantation to transfer hair root cells and ensure natural growth. The groups of hairs are taken from areas of dense hair growth and implanted in the moustache area.

Beard Transplantation
Beard transplant surgery is performed by surgeons with meticulous detail and a keen artistic eye.
Whether through trauma, surgery or other causes, the inability to grow facial hair is a problem for many men. These men report that their lack of facial hair can deteriorate their self-esteem and they crave a more masculine look.
Good Candidates for Beard Transplant
Good candidates for beard transplant in Turkey are men in general good health with:
• Spotty or patchy areas in the beard region
• Sufficient hair growth on the back or sides of the head
• Realistic expectations
Beard Transplant Procedure
Beard transplant surgeons in Turkey remove hair from the back of the scalp in small follicular units — one or two hairs at a time. For the most natural looking results, grafts are placed at an angle that mimics the existing hair..

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a newer hair transplant method in which individual hair follicles are transplanted to a thinning or balding area from a donor site — an area of denser hair growth typically located on the back or side of the head using micro punches to remove individual follicles.
FUE hair restoration gives patients permanent, natural-looking results.
Good Candidates for Follicular Unit Extraction
FUE hair transplants typically offer the best results if you:
Wish to keep your hair very short. An FUE hair transplant does not leave a linear scar.
Healed poorly after past procedures and wish to hide scars or achieve better results.
Have a very tight scalp, which may make you a poor candidate for FUT.
After the Procedure
Follicular unit extraction is performed under a local anesthetic and does not require a hospital stay. Your hair transplant surgeon will specify after-care instructions, including what medications to use, antibiotics to take and restrictions on diet and physical activity during recovery.
Recovery time is minimal and many patients can return to their work within 1-2 days of treatment.

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