Sile - Agva Tour

Istanbul is a beautiful city of many sights and sounds. But the Black Sea coast offers landscapes at least as interesting and spectacular as those found in the city. They are right there waiting to be discovered.

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Depart: 08:30

Return: 20:00

Full Day Tour

Istanbul | Şile-Ağva





Our trip will be starting from your hotel, drive to Sile through Europe to Asia by the Bosphorus “Bridge with Tour Guide. Sile Village is located on the Black sea coast.
This is a tour which you can see all beauties of nature. After you finish the tour, you will feel rested yourself. We will have a walk on the sea side of Black Sea and have a boat trip on Yeşilçay River. You will see villager’s natural life during the journey.
We will have a lunch which includes totally organic fruit, vegetable, meat and fish in the restaurant which is by the river.
Please ;
  • Bring swimsuit and towel in the summer months. 
  • Do not forget to take comfortable shoes with you as it is partially a walking tour.
  • Take your hat and sunglasses to protect from sunlight in summer.

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