Sapanca & Maşukiye Tour

Enjoy a full-day scenic tour to discover Sapanca Lake & Masukiye Village feel the nature. Escape the bustle of Istanbul, and discover a popular weekend retreat from the city on a 14-hour day trip to Lake Sapanca and the village of Masukiye...

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Depart: 08:30

Return: 22:00

Full Day Tour

Istanbul | Sapanca & Maşukiye





  • Discover a popular weekend retreat from Istanbul at Lake Sapanca
  • Hike up Kartepe Mountain
  • Enjoy lunch under the shade of trees in Masukiye
  • Marvel at the landscapes of the Adapazari Meadow and Gulf of Izmit

We take you from yor hotel in Istanbul, starting with a visit to Darica Zoo. After time spent viewing the numerous animals the tour will travel to Sapanca Lake, here is a perfect place to enjoy a walk along the lake or even simply enjoy the view. After the breathtaking views, the tour will continue to Masukiye Village where you will partake in a stunning lunch of organic locally grown and produced, which will give an amazing taste them. After lunch, the tour heads to Masukiye waterfall.

Darica Zoo, with a variety of roughly more then  200 different species of animals and thousands of plant species. In the zoo, you will see reptiles, as well as 21 different species of fish. Within the zoo is roughly 112 types of birds. The large variety of creatures and flora have given this zoo the title of biggest zoo in Istanbul.

Sapanca, Mountains all around offer a quiet and still air, where the sound of nature is dominant. The lakeside is a relaxing place for those who are getting away from busy cities like Istanbul.

Masukiye village is a fantastic place in this mostly nature landscape. The village has gained fame by over the traditional locally grown produce, one of the restaurants has made visitors remember the meal where you can eat behind the waterfall. The surrounding mountains offer a breathtaking frame to the area as well as a place to take a walk or hike.

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