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Dental Implants

Never miss a smile

When was the last time you enjoyed a firm bite into an apple without worrying? Teeth can be lost for many reasons including tooth decay, trauma and accidents. However, missing a tooth or two doesn’t mean you miss out on your smile.

Dental implants Turkey can provide a strong foundation for teeth replacement that look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Dental implants treatment offered at Dental Clinic Turkey allows the person with missing teeth the ability to eat virtually anything and to smile with confidence.

Dentists of Dental Clinic Turkey can help you change the way you live with dental implants, allowing you to rediscover the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest.

Turkey is the best choice for Dental Implants

We combine the latest cosmetic procedures, innovative tools and a high-tech dental lab to recreate the smile you deserve. Dental Clinic Turkey is adequately equipped with modern implant technology which helps dental implants better integrate with the surrounding bone, offering greater stability and long-term durability.

In conventional treatment method, dental implants are placed using two-stage treatment approach. The teeth implants are typically placed by an oral specialist and then covered and left for up to six months to allow the bone to grow around the implant for stability. In some cases, the process may even take longer if bone grafting is required prior to implant placement.

Fortunately you won’t need to wait that long to receive your dental implants, minimizing on the discomfort of missing teeth. Our dentists use two of the most advanced diagnostic dental techniques: Panoramic X-rays and 3D Volumetric Tomography.

Panoramic X-rays is able to provide more perspective into the type and size of implant to use and how to position the implant for maximum bone contact and stability. 3D Volumetric Tomography is an inventive dental technology, which allows for the most precise treatment planning in the field of dental implantology.

3D Volumetric imaging system is intuitively designed to provide complete perspective of all oral and maxillofacial structures allowing for more accurate implant planning and more predictable treatment outcomes.

Good candidates for Dental Implants

If you are looking for a dental treatment to correct missing teeth, dental implant can be a viable option for you. Most people qualify for dental implants in Turkey.

A good candidate should have the following:

• Health gums

• Strong bone structure

• Sufficient bone density

• One or more missing teeth

• Healthy oral tissues

Dental Crowns

Do have a gap in your smile? Over time our teeth begin to weaken and become more vulnerable to dental problems such as tooth decay, discoloration and cracks—taking a toll on your most beautiful smile.

With our groundbreaking CEREC computerized 3D technology, our trained team of dental experts can design perfectly color-matched, perfectly fitted dental crowns—all in one single appointment.

Turkey is the best choice for Dental Crowns

Save time, effort and money with a single visit to our Dental Clinic Turkey for dental crowns. Gone are the days of two-appointment procedure to have your tooth prepared for permanent restoration, and then returning to the clinic to replace your temporary crown.

Our Clinics revolutionized the cosmetic dental dentistry scene in Turkey by introducing CEREC technology. Utilizing CEREC technology with dental crowns treatment, there are no inaccurate impressions, no temporary crowns and no second visits.

Dentists at  Dental Clinic Turkey use CEREC dental technology to complete your entire dental crown in one convenient visit. Luckily, when traveling to Turkey for dental crowns procedure you don’t need to visit our office more than once— which leaves you with more time to explore the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Good candidates for Dental Crowns

Typically, candidates for dental crowns are individuals experiencing tooth decay, or cosmetic damage due to severe injury; however the need for dental crowns varies with each patient’s unique condition.

General candidates for dental crowns have the following:

• Discolored, misshapen or chipped tooth

• Sufficient tooth structure to support dental crown

• Difficulty chewing because of damaged teeth

• Misaligned or crooked teeth

Dental Veneers

Restore, recreate and redesign your smile—with dental veneers. Dental veneers are very thin, custom-made, tooth-shaped pieces of porcelain that are placed to the front to create natural, beautiful smiles.

Chipped, cracked and discolored can affect your self-confidence. Dental veneers at Dental Clinic Turkey can change the shape, shade and position of your teeth—to aesthetically enhance your teeth and smile.

Similar to how dental crown treatment is performed at Dental Clinic Turkey, dental veneers can also be conducted in one visit. Our Clinic takes pride in being one of the few dental clinics in Turkey to employ CEREC technology in its cosmetic dentistry practice.

The CEREC dental device eliminates the need to come back for a second appointment. With CEREC you can come in for a single visit and leave with a permanent smile in the same day. This means fewer injections, less drilling and less time out of your busy sightseeing schedule.

Good candidates for Dental Veneers

The vast majority of people are good candidates for dental veneers; however there are some situations where dental veneers are not a good option. Our dentists will carefully assess your oral health and will decide whether or not dental veneers will best fit your condition.

In many cases, dental veneers can be used to correct the following:

• Stains

• Chipped teeth

• Holes or fractures

• Discoloration

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